So, you’ve set up your OnlyFans account, you’re gaining some new subscribers, everything is great! Then, you hit a creative block. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back with this handy guide to help get those creative juices flowing.

In this guide, we’ll cover the different types of content you can post on OnlyFans, the rules you need to follow, and provide you with a plethora of content ideas and sources of inspiration.

Let’s start by exploring the types of content you can post on OnlyFans. Whether you’re interested in non-adult content or adult content, this guide has got you covered.


For those who are exploring non-adult content on OnlyFans, the possibilities are endless. You can showcase your photography skills, share cooking recipes and tips, provide fitness advice and workout routines, teach musical instrument lessons, display your artwork, or even create makeup tutorials. These types of content can help engage your audience and attract followers who have a broader range of interests.


Now, if you’re interested in adult content, OnlyFans offers three main categories to explore – photos and photo sets, videos, and voice notes. You can share enticing photos and curated sets, create and share adult videos tailored to audience preferences, and engage with subscribers through seductive or intimate audio recordings.


It’s important to note that the type of content you can post depends on whether your OnlyFans page is free or paid. There are specific rules you need to follow:

    1. Full-frontal nudity: Any full-frontal nudity content must be placed behind a paywall, accessible only to subscribers who pay for your content.
    2. Paid subscription pages: On a paid subscription page, you can post adult and explicit content anywhere on your page, including the timeline, locked posts, locked DMs, and regular DMs. Since subscribers pay for access, all this content is behind a paywall.
    3. Free pages: On a free page, you can only post partially nude content on the timeline. Non-pay-per-view (PPV) content on a free page is free to access and is not behind a paywall. However, you can share fully nude and explicit content as PPV posts on the timeline of your free page or through PPV posts in the DMs, in which subscribers would need to pay to unlock and view.

When it comes to creating content for OnlyFans, it’s important to think about the type of content you’re shooting and where you plan to post it. Will it be on social media, your free OnlyFans page, or your paid page? Let’s explore the different categories.

It’s important to plan for two types of content:

Promo Content: This content is given away for free as a promotional tool. It helps attract new fans and directs them towards your paid content. When creating promo content, it’s important to keep it within the boundaries of what you could post on Instagram without risking being banned. Think of it as sexy, teasing, and involving partial nudity, but not full-frontal nudity.

Premium Content: This is the content that your subscribers pay for through OnlyFans subscriptions or Pay Per View (PPV) purchases. It should be more exclusive and can potentially be more explicit, depending on your personal boundaries and comfort level.

Please note that this guide primarily focuses on ideas for promo content. We’ll post additional reference guides for Premium Content in the future.

Now that we’ve covered the types of content and the rules, let’s dive into some content ideas you can explore on OnlyFans. We have compiled an extensive list of content ideas categorized into different themes to help you create diverse and engaging content for your audience.


  • Halloween: Dress up in costumes or outfits related to Halloween themes.
  • Valentine’s Day: Share a selfie with a captivating caption related to Valentine’s Day.
  • Christmas: Create holiday-themed content such as photos and videos of decorating the tree, wrapping gifts, or wearing festive lingerie.
  • 4th of July: Share a selfie with a patriotic theme and an engaging caption.
  • May 4th – Star Wars Day: Dress up in Star Wars-inspired costumes or outfits to celebrate the day.
  • Pride Month: Showcase your support for Pride Month with themed costumes or captioned selfies.
  • Father’s Day: Create a playful post related to Father’s Day, incorporating a clever pun.
  • Your own birthday: Share content on your birthday and engage with your subscribers through tips or special offers.


  • Bedroom scene: Capture alluring shots in your bedroom.
  • Shower scene: Share captivating content in the shower or bathtub.
  • Bathroom scene: Take enticing photos or videos in your bathroom.
  • Balcony scene: Use your balcony for outdoor shots with a hint of intrigue.
  • Garden scene: Showcase your beauty amidst lush greenery in your garden.
  • Window scene: Pose near a window to create captivating silhouettes or use natural light.


  • Luxury Hotel/Resort: Book a weekend getaway at a luxurious hotel or resort and share captivating content from your stay.
  • Cheap Airbnb: Opt for a budget-friendly Airbnb and document your adventures in a new environment.


  • LED’s: Experiment with colorful LED lights to enhance the ambiance of your content.
  • Exotic dildos: Incorporate exotic or unique sex toys into your content to add variety.
  • Pole: Showcase your skills and sensuality with pole dancing.
  • Pillows: Playfully incorporate pillows into your content for added comfort and allure.
  • Giant teddy bear: Use a large teddy bear as a prop to create cute and playful content.


  • Sexy costumes: Explore a variety of sexy costumes, such as roleplay outfits or cosplay.
  • Sexy lingerie: Showcase different types of sexy lingerie to entice your subscribers.
  • Wigs: Experiment with different wig styles to create diverse looks and personas.
  • Nipple clamps: Introduce nipple clamps into your content to explore a kinkier side.
  • Body jewelry: Highlight body jewelry like nipple piercings, belly rings, or necklaces to add an extra touch of sensuality.
  • Body paint: Get creative with body paint to express your artistic side or create unique designs.
  • Body oil/Coconut oil: Enhance the visual appeal of your content by applying body oil or coconut oil.
  • Makeup/experimental makeup: Showcase different makeup looks, from natural to bold and experimental.
  • Cosplay outfits: Explore the world of cosplay by dressing up as characters from movies, anime, or games.
  • Halloween outfits: Embrace the spooky season with a variety of Halloween-themed outfits.
  • If you need further inspiration or ideas for costumes and lingerie, try searching on Pinterest or check out popular online shopping platforms like: Amazon and Etsy. And if you’re looking for free lingerie and costumes, you can create an OnlyFans fundraiser post, offering donators the chance to see you model the lingerie you’re fundraising for

Ok, you know about this. Social media trends and memes are the highways to get more traffic to your page. But we are sure you didn’t know that the same trends you use on TikTok or Instagram can be adaptable to your OnlyFans content 😏 Well, yes. You can often leverage a meme to produce some trendy content right now.

Memes are always coming and going, of course, so being aware of the latest and greatest is helpful, but it’s also engaging to pull out a classic. (LINK)

The POV Role play meme is a great example. It gives the viewer an unusual perspective of a certain object/person during a specific interaction involving that object/person. Originating from TikTok (hashtag #POV on TikTok), the meme usually includes a caption like “POV: You’re [object/person in a situation]” and a funny video or pic.

Dance choreography or gym sessions

These are just great to deliver content to your subscribers without being explicit. You can try to record yourself in the gym doing some squats and getting a great angle of your booty using leggings. Or you if you are a good dancer, try to record a short video following a trendy choreography and use it to show a great and sexy outfit and your moves.

Clothes on/off vids or pics

This is a big online trend where you post either a side-by-side picture or a video where you suddenly go from outfit on, to outfit off.

There’s even an (NSFW) subreddit dedicated to this, you can find it HERE.

Connecting with your subscribers through genuine glimpses of your everyday life can create a more personal and intimate experience. Consider incorporating semi or fully nude elements into everyday activities to add a touch of spice to your content.

  • Cooking: Share videos or photos of yourself cooking while partially or fully nude.
  • Baking: Show off your baking skills while adding a sensual twist with your attire or lack thereof.
  • Artwork: Get creative and showcase your artistic side while incorporating nudity or semi-nudity.
  • Playing video games: Capture moments of you enjoying your favorite games, adding an exciting element by being partially or fully nude.



  • Kama Sutra positions: Explore and demonstrate different intimate positions in your content.

  • Yoga poses with a dildo: Combine the practice of yoga with the sensual aspect of using a dildo for a unique content idea.

  • Toy reviews: Provide detailed and honest reviews of adult toys to help your subscribers make informed decisions.

  • POV scenes (both male and female POV): Engage your audience with point-of-view content, catering to both male and female perspectives.

  • Snapchat Filters: Experiment with different Snapchat filters to add playful and creative elements to your content.

  • Temporary tattoos: Try out temporary tattoos on various parts of your body, enhancing your visuals for specific themes or styles.

  • Body paint: Use body paint to create artistic designs or showcase your creativity in a visually appealing way.

  • Masks (e.g., bunny): Incorporate masks or other accessories to add an element of mystery and playfulness to your content.

  • Nerdy look: Wear glasses and indulge in reading a book, combining intelligence and sensuality in your content.

  • Naked Questions Mondays: Encourage your subscribers to send in questions throughout the week, then create a naked video where you answer selected questions on Mondays.

  • Slow-motion videos: Capture mesmerizing slow-motion videos to accentuate certain movements or actions in your content.

  • A weekly quiz about your sex life: Engage your audience by hosting a weekly quiz where they can guess details about your personal experiences and preferences.

  • Naughty TikToks: Create short and enticing TikTok videos that showcase your seductive side.

  • Naked yoga: Combine the benefits of yoga with the liberating feeling of practicing it while nude.

  • Pillow humping: Explore a playful and sensual activity by incorporating pillow humping into your content.

  • Backgrounds: Experiment with different backgrounds such as sheets, fuzzy blankets, towels, bathtubs, or stairs to add variety to your visuals.

  • Twerking: Showcase your twerking skills in videos, adding an element of excitement and sensuality.

  • Workout videos: Share fitness routines and workouts while highlighting your body and its movements.

TIP: After taking photos or videos, you can enhance them using filter apps like BeautyPlus, YouCam, Pitu, or Meitu, allowing you to customize the appearance of your content.

Again, remember to always prioritize your comfort, safety, and boundaries when creating content for OnlyFans. 🦄

Use these sources to get inspiration for OnlyFans content ideas:

Reddit NSFW Inspiration
TikTok challenges & trends
Other OF creators
Look through “gonewild subreddits” to find some pictures and poses
Ask your subs with a poll
Trending tags on sites adult sites (e.g. manyvids)

Hopefully, these ideas will lead you to other creative solutions that fit your niche and personality. Most importantly, your subscribers want to feel like they know you ane being genuine and open is the key to building and maintaining a strong base of followers Of course, if you don’t want to go it alone, FanSquad will provide a dedicated Account Manager who will work with you daily to brainstorm and develop content ideas. If you want a team to partner with to accomplish more than you can do alone, drop us a message on our Telegram after you click the button below!